Freshwater aquarium

R06. Project “Wlochy”

V770L x L130 x W66 x H90cm

Aquarium full renovation including a new tank. Layout inspired by blackwater biotope.

Freshwater aquarium Freshwater aquarium

Building an aquarium

R05. Project “Grochow”

V460L x L100 x W100 x H60cm (62.5 x 37.5cm)

Built-in freshwater, planted aquarium. Design, delivery, installation and maintenance.

Building an aquarium Building an aquarium

Customized aquarium

R04. Project “Wilanowska”

V735L x L150 x W70 x H70cm

Designing and finishing natural aquarium building, including hardscape, all installations, start up and technical support of tank maintenance.

Customized aquarium Customized aquarium

Tropical terrarium

R03. Project “Lucka”

V1960L x L187 x W60 x H175cm

Upgrading to full automatic and maintenance of a in-wall terrarium of tropical plants.

Tropical terrarium Tropical terrarium

Built-in aquarium 1000l

R02. Project “Pruszkow”

V1155L x L350 x W60 x H55cm

A timely contract for the revitalization of a freshwater aquarium including modernization of fertilization system.

Built-in aquarium Built-in aquarium

Planted aquarium

R01. Project “Zlotoklos”

V870L x L207 x W60 x H70cm

Design, delivery, installation, start up and maintenance of a full automatic planted aquarium.

Planted aquarium Planted aquarium