C10. Customized terrarium. Toe-out corner tropical terrarium type of vivarium, can decorate and light up a winding and drak corridor.

C09. Making a paludarium. Vertical glass terrarium for tropical plants of Bromeliaceae family.

C07. Building a terrarium. Tropical plants terrarium tank as a semi-wall dividing the living room and hall.

C06. Setting an aquarium. Freestanding freshwater aquarium. The multi-sided open tank is perfect for wood Mizube hardscaping.

C04. Aquarium in kitchen. Four sided aquarium or terrarium. Works perfect as a column on the kitchen island.

C03. A vertical terrarium fits superb into the limited spaces small rooms.

C02. Built-in large aquarium. A modern and elegant decoration, e.g. of a dining room.

C01. Full-scale, closed terrarium tank for exotic plants. A lively, full-wall decoration for any open spaces, loft or lobby.